Wednesday, August 30, 2006

5440 or Fight

I'm sure someone has used the title already, but I haven't seen it yet myself.

That's 5440 Sheridan and it should really be 5440 and fight.

At the moment I would abstain on voting on this. I don't know enough and I support the notion of local say on projects like this. I know we in the northwest quadrant of the ward have suffered votes by folks in the rest of the ward that voted against us when they should have abstained.

So let me point you to this blog where the blogger does a great job telling you who's for it and who's against it, but doesn't quite explain the cons as well as they should, since they appear to be against it.

The blog is Edgewater Chicago Surreal.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Vote YES for B1-2 for Broadway - At least the west side.

Edgewater has a history of making mistakes that end up costing us.

The first was letting Lake Shore Drive end up here and after it ended here not doing everything in our power to see that it got extended past Edgewater.

The next was allowing the insanely high high-rises along the lake, and then when we got them not insisting that each and everyone provide a public beach.

The next were the four-plus ones along the Kenmore-Winthrop corridor.

You get the picture right. So the latest mistake being proposed by some is allowing 6 stories on Broadway's west side.

Enough already. Vote yes in the March 21 primary for the 4 story limit referendum.

I can understand that developers can make more money with denser taller buildings. But what we really need and want is diversity. Edgewater Glen and Lakewood Balmoral neighborhoods are unique urban environments and they need the protections that a 4 story buffer zone would provide.

Consider it Environmental Protection.