Sunday, January 16, 2005

Local politics.


Over at DailyKos I castigate myself for not doing enough on the local political scene.

I really don't care for this blogger software and if I were serious I would make a much greater effort at getting somthing else set up. I suggested to Mr Lawrence (sorry his first name eludes me at the moment) over at ECC that they host a scoop site.

The other place that needs a scoop site is the Schakowsky/Osterman/Smith/(Ronen?)/Volini storefront complex south of Bryn Marw on Broadway.

Well we can dream. And some of us can get off our butts. Starting right here I guess.

Here's a local Edgewater neighbor with a blog, who also hangs out at DailyKos:


Mark M said...

Thanks for the mention, Jeff. I was amused to see that you've linked to my blog, since, as my first entry states, I never intended it to be read. I was trying to help out the EBNA blogger and needed to create a blog of my own to experiment with. So now everyone can read about my visit to the eye doctor. Maybe this will be incentive for me to put more interesting content up there!

I was hoping the EBNA blog would be used as a scoop site, but I don't think the owner of the site quite got it. One thing that a blog needs is good, frequently updated front page content. The EBNA blogger never added anything to the front page after the initial posting; after the initial flurry of comments, now she's wondering why no one seems to visit the site anymore and is thinking of shutting it down.

earnest said...

I like your site.

In reference to your question about voting systems, take a look at

I've posted there some initial thoughts on the question.

I'll be updating each night with a description of one of the voting systems under consideration, looking at its positives and negatives.

Tomorrow, I'll look at the Inkavote system - the current favorite of the city board of elections. I hope you think that this is an important issue. I'd be gratified if you discussed it in your blog, commented on mine, or referred the discussion to other sites where it can have an impact.