Sunday, February 13, 2005

Why is LSD 45mph on the Southside but 40mph on the Northside?

It's just bureaucratic indolence but still. For a number of years now we Northsiders have been putting up with the swing speed limits: 40mph Nov through March; 45 April through October.

Do you remember why? Because the salt would be bad for the new planting in the new spiffy medium. Well, lookie now. The southside LSD has a new spiffy medium, with new spiffy plantings. But did it get the 40mph treatment? Appears not.

We have a legitimate complaint here folks.

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MDS said...

First of all, I live on North Lake Shore Drive (near Irving Park) and I think the speed limit should be at least 50.

Second, thanks for your post on my blog. It's new, and I think you're only the second person to post a comment. So it's much appreciated.

Third, regarding lindane and DDT: I don't know enough about lindane to say whether it should be banned or not, which is why I didn't state an opinion on it. I merely wanted to point out that an analogy to DDT might sound to DJW like an easy way to sway people to his side, but in reality DDT is a complex issue that deserves serious attention. If you're interested, just google malaria ddt and you'll get all the information you could ask for. Does DDT harm the environment? Of course it does. But it is also by far the best way to kill mosquitos, and that's what spreads malaria. What is needed is a cost-benefit analysis weighing the pros of stopping the spread of malaria with the cons of the environmental damage of DDT. From the analyses I've read, I think the evidence is quite clear that the harm of malaria is greater than the harm of DDT. I worry that the Western world tends to label things like DDT and genetically modified foods as problematic without considering what benefits they could provide to Africa.