Thursday, May 05, 2005

Empty storefronts owned by the CTA

At several CTA stops in the Edgewater Neighborhood we have empty storefronts. Often these storefronts have been empty for years. Recently at a Edgewater Glen Association meeting it was suggested that it is red-tape that is holding up our having a better neighborhood and more income for the CTA.

I have just left a comment on Carole Brown's blog to that effect. Carol Brown is a CTA official who has started here own blog.

Carole Brown's Blog is here.

Anyone care to comment?


Hugh said...

Hello Jeff,

I am interested in the CTA's stewardship of their real estate resources.

Can you please post more details on the unused storefronts you mentioned?

Do you mean spaces in the red linestations?

What are their addresses?


Jeff Wegerson said...

Granville has one under the el itself and another owned by the CTA next to the el.

Berwyn has at least one.

There may be others as I have not done a careful survey. The one under the Granville has been vacant for several years possibly as many as 10 or even more.

Mark M said...

Jeff... Good to see a new post. There is indeed a vacant space at Berwyn. It is on the north side of the street, across the street from the 'L' stop entrance; I think it used to be a clothing store? It's been vacant for at least a year, and I don't know what the CTA has done to try and get a new tenant.

Hugh said...

Jeff Wegerson said...

>Granville has one under the el itself and another owned by the CTA next to the el.

NW: The block north-west of the Granville EL stop, west to Broadway, is owned by a real estate development partnership controlled by Loyola University. Don't look for anyone to move in here.

SE: The shops in the single-story building on the south-east corner are commercial condominiums.

NE & SW: The stores on the north-east and south-west corners are also privately owned.

I can't find any CTA properties near the Granville EL, other than directly under the EL itself.

Check it out:

News Chicago

Cook County Assessor

Cook County Recorder of Deeds

Jeff Wegerson said...

My info is hearsay, so you are probably correct.

Paradise said...

Could it possibly be that CTA charges outrageous rents for these spaces? I have talked to many of the little business owners who have operated little concession stands and fast food places in the el station spaces (many of which are now defunct), and when I asked them how much rent they paid, they quoted me figures of $2500 and $3000! How could these tiny business with low-margin, small items (news papers, lotto tickets, cigarettes) make it on those rents?

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