Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CTA Frequency Map Version 9 - Ten Minute Service Circles

(Update: Oops. I am supposed to say something like: Images derived from Data Provided by The Chicago Transit Authority.)

Here are some images of version 09. In this version I have overlaid an earlier version where line widths represent the number 0f trips a week, fatter being more trips, with the ten minute or better circles from version 08.

The 79th street bus still shows that it is the major southside east west corridor. To my lay mind it still screams BRT! I'm going to have to take a trip soon and eyeball that street fr0m end to end.

The whole system map is not as large nor clear an image as I'd like. The other images show the northside and the loop area. The loop would take special treatment for a professional version, imho.
Click the images for larger version.

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