Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Granville Avenue Greenway

Granville between Clark and Broadway, four blocks, a half mile, has two schools, two churches a mosque, a theater two bus stops and a Divvy. Kids, parishioners, viewers, bikers and cabbies at many hours of the day, on foot and pedal and in their cars. Two more blocks to the west are traffic circles. And to the east is a small downtown with restaurants, groceries, drugstore, high-rises, a lake-front park and an el-stop. 

This stretch of Granville between Ridge and Shreridan is an urban environment of the highest quality. I cannot tell you the number of times I have either waited on a crossing guard protecting children or driven slowly behind a biker because there is not enough room to pass safely.

Because so much going on forces cars to navigate cautiously it has become a favored biking route by many.

It is time to give it an official status such as an Urban Greenway.

Lets change the paradigm from a street that tolerates pedestrians and bikers to one that tolerates cars. Lets put the bikers in the middle of the lane rather than off to the edge where they tempt cars to pass. Lets make it formal that cars are not allowed to pass bikers, no matter how slowly they may be going. Lets put down paint and cobble together crosswalks with texture that make the new sharing dynamic clear as day. Lets pass the ordinances needed to radically reduce the automobile speed limit.

Lets bring together the experts already existing within the cycling community who know what cutting edge design looks like with the alderman, Harry Osterman, and the experts within CDOT who are themselves at the cutting edge of complete streets design.

Granville can become a synergistic part of a Greenway already proposed for Glenwood. We have here an opportunity to do something that once again puts Edgewater firmly on the forefront of urban design.


Scroll Down Past the Map for two illustrative pictures.