Monday, May 15, 2017

Edgewater's and Andersonville's Glenwood Greenway - Good Work Harry.

I like it. A lot. Much better than I could have hoped for. Alderman Osterman did an admirable job of shepherding this project forward.

I love the yellow dashed lines. I love the judicious use of green markings. Both at street junctions and Alley junctions. There is enough to fully alert car congesters (drivers) and little enough to not waste money. I love the white stripe telling parkers where to stick it (their car).

Just south of the entrance at Ridge.

Alley treatment. Notice the diagonal line suggesting to parkers to not block the view.

Maybe grind that speed hump down a bit?

Hey neighbors. Here's what's happening.

This rider is in the lane but going the "wrong" way. Sure why not?  I always feel safer on the passenger side too. Fewer surprise doorings. Plus the drivers can see me better on their side when coming up behind me.

Notice the "Except Bikes." This is Foster. As far as they had gone by May 13th.


Margaret Price Stocker said...

Hi Jeff. This post has nothing to do with Chicago transit, but it's how I ran across your name. If you and your family (parents) lived in Miami during the 1940's, please send me a note where I can contact you. Our parents were close friends in Miami, you and I were just youngsters, but I'd like to get in touch with you. Nothing important, just trying to fill in some blanks.

Margaret Price Stocker

Jeff Wegerson said...

Hi Margaret,
My family left the Miami area in the 50s. We were in the Opa-locka area when we left. The only friend of my parents I remember was Bill Hull. But on the chance I can help you ask away.